How Much Project Manager salary in India In 2021

Project Manager salary in India

Let us be honest, we all want high-paying jobs so that we can get everything we want in life. One such job that will let you earn a high salary is that of a Project Manager. Know that a Project Manager salary in India is pretty high. But the question is- exactly how much do such managers make? No need to wonder anymore. Here we will tell you exactly that and then some more.

But first, let us start with the simple question of who is a Project Manager? And what are the job responsibilities of a person in that position?

Who Is A Project Manager And What Does He/She Do?

In simple words, a Project Manager is someone who looks after all the areas of a project. So he or she is involved in securing, planning, organizing, controlling, leading, and managing the various activities of a team to achieve a predetermined set of goals. Apart from managing human resources, the manager is also involved in looking after the allocation, procurement, etc., related to material resources as well. So once a Project Manager gets some experience, then he or she also gets involved in developing projects that will help reduce the cost and improve the revenue of the company.

Does A HR Manager And a Project Manager Have The Same Responsibilities?

In short- not really. These are vastly different fields and the HR Manager Roles are different from that of a Project Manager. Know that an HR manager has to ensure a healthy working relationship between the employees and the company. But a Project Manager is involved in ensuring the successful completion of a project. But since a Project Manager works with a team of employees so he or she has to remain in contact with the HR manager to ensure that nothing is going wrong. However, there is one similarity- both the HR Manager and the Project Manager had to overcome HR Interview Questions to get promoted and work in their positions. Also, it must be said that there are individuals who hold both these positions and can successfully navigate through their responsibilities.
What Are The Everyday Duties Of A Project Manager?
On a broader scale, a Project Manager looks after a lot of activities ranging from initiating the project, ensuring its smooth flow, contacting shareholders, and more. However, you will surely be interested in knowing about the regular everyday activities of a Project Manager.

So here are the activities that consume a typical day in the life of a Project Manager:

  • Establishing Communication With Project Team Members

Not every project will be worked on by the very same group of people and even if it is, it’s the job of a Project Manager to establish contact with all the members for the new project again.

This communication is established using calls, emails, team meetings, regular end-of-the-day reports, and more. All these means help Project Managers determine the work status of each team member. Also, such methods help the manager identify the issues that his or her employees might be facing in there.

  • Establishing Communication With All The Stakeholders

After a Project Manager is updated by the team members about the current status of the project, it’s time to meet the stakeholders in the project. In that meeting, it’s determined if the project is continuing on its predetermined path.

Also along with this, considerations are made for changing objectives, initiatives, and trends. All this is determined through monthly, weekly, and daily reports along with other means of recording accurate project data.

  • Identifying And Solving Roadblocks

Now, any project will have issues related to resource allocation, budget, scope, and more. It’s common for such issues to arise. In fact, it can be said that such issues are almost expected to come up.

So when such issues do arise, then it’s the job of the Project Manager to solve them. Of course, each issue is different and so the steps taken to solve these will vary as well.

  • Proper Budgeting

Whether it’s a large project or a small-scale one, the expenses will always have to be taken into consideration. However, it’s not a one-and-done job. The budget has to be reviewed on a periodical basis to establish that it is not exceeding the set resources.

But this is a challenging task since the manager has to keep an eye on various areas, including reviewing, processing, as well as approving various invoices from the outside vendors.

  • Managing Time Allocation

Every project has a set time limit. So the Project Manager has to ensure that it is running according to that. Also along with the overall time limits, there are set deadlines for completing various subparts of the project as well.

So to ensure that the team members are adhering to the determined time limits, various time tracking tools like timetables, timesheets, as well as project-management softwares are used.

Such time tracking methods help keep track of the work completed and the time within which it got done. But along with this, it is also useful in determining if resources can be shifted to other projects.

  • Encourage Team-Building

Projects often take months to complete and there are times when team members hit a roadblock or need a morale booster. This is especially needed after a challenging week at work. Then it is the job of the Project Manager to carry out team building and morale-boosting activities. It is necessary to encourage team members so that they perform to their optimum level continuously throughout the project.

So, there are a lot of responsibilities that a Project Manager has to look after on just a normal day.  Know that the duties are all directly proportional to the Project Manager salary – the more the responsibilities, the higher the salary.

So now let us explore the various Project Manager salaries in India in greater detail below.

How Much Do Project Managers Earn In India

GlassDoor estimates the average Project Manager salary in India to be approximately Rs. 14,00,000 per annum. In comparison, one of the most lucrative positions in India- that of a software developer fetches approximately Rs 5,00,000 per annum only. So as a Project Manager you will be able to earn around 3 times that amount.

Do note that this amount fluctuates based on the kind of Project Manager position you hold. For example: according to Upgrad, a construction Project Manager salary in India will only fetch you around 10,00,000 per year, while an IT  Project Manager Salary in India can fetch you up to Rs 15,00,00 per year.

Project Manager Salary in India: By Location

Where you are working will also determine your salary. There is a direct correlation between working in big cities and drawing bigger salaries. For example, an IT  Project Manager Salary while being based in Bangalore will be around Rs. 20,00,000 per year, whereas the same position will only fetch about 9 lakhs to 10 lakhs in Ahmedabad. However, if you are working in Delhi or Mumbai, then you will be able to fetch about Rs. 14,00,000 each year.  

Now, according to Payscale, a construction Project Manager salary in India, Bangalore; will be around Rs. 9,20,000 per year. However, if you are based in Delhi then you can draw an average of Rs. 14,00,000 each year.

Project Manager Salary in India: Experience

Also do note that the salary will vary according to experience levels as well. So, freshers with 1-4 years of experience can draw up to Rs. 6,00,000 while a senior Project Manager salary in India will be Rs. 25,00,000. However, do note that to be a senior Project Manager, you will need to have 10-19 years of experience in the field.

So you will have to rein in your hopes accordingly. But there is no need to be disheartened. If you have 4-9 years of experience under your belt, then you will be able to demand about 12 lakhs to 15 lakhs each year. As such, experience is the key here.

Project Manager Earnings In Other Countries

Now, that we have covered the Project Manager salary in India it’s time to move on to other countries. So here’s how much you will get in your bank account each year, based on the country you are in:

  • In the US, you can earn $88,500 per annum
  • In the UK, you can expect to get about £38,225
  • In Canada, you can draw a salary of C$80,000 per year
  • In Australia, you will be able to draw about AU$ 150,000 each year
  • In Kuwait, the salary is about Rs. 38,52,000 each year

Now that we have broadly covered Project Manager salary in India, it’s time to go into detail with construction manager salaries. Of course, we already know about some of the highest construction Project Manager salary in India, but now let us find out what this position can fetch abroad:

  • In the US, you can earn $75,200per annum
  • In the UK, you can expect to get about £44,200 per annum
  • In Canada, you can get a salary of C$83,000 per year
  • In Australia, you can draw about AU$ 98,000each year
  • In Kuwait, the salary is about Rs. 54,00,000 each year

We also already know a couple of the highest IT Project Manager salaries in India, but now let us find out what this position can fetch abroad:

  • In the US, you can earn $80,000 per annum
  • In the UK, you can expect to get about £58,800 each year
  • In Canada, the salary of C$82,900 per year
  • In Australia, you will be able to draw about AU$106,000 each year
  • In Kuwait, the salary is about Rs. 55,62,900 each year

Project Manager Salary In India: Company Based

All the high salaries listed above must have attracted you. However, you also need to realize that you won’t get these salaries from all kinds of companies. Only the high-profile companies will be willing, as well as able to pay high Project Manager salary in India.

So here we will talk about the companies which do pay the highest Project Manager salary in India. However do keep in mind that these are all average salaries and can vary according to the sector, experience, and other factors.

  1. Accenture pays Rs. 18,00,000 each year
  2. Larsen & Toubro Infotech pays Rs. 17,30,000 per year
  3. Cognizant pays Rs. 15,00,000 per year
  4. Infosys pays Rs. 15,00,000 per year
  5. Tech Mahindra pays Project Managers Rs. 14,70,000 each year
  6. HCL pays about Rs. 14,30,000 per annum
  7. IBM pays Rs. 14,00,000 each year
  8. Wipro pays 14,00,000 each year
  9. Tata Consultancy Services pays around Rs. 13,00,000 each year
  10. Reliance pays 12,70,000 per annum

Project Manager Salary In India: Certification Based

Always keep in mind that the education and certification you hold will determine the salary that you get. So here we will talk about the certifications that will fetch you the maximum Project Manager salary in India:

  1. If you hold the PMP or Project Management Professional certificate, then you can draw a salary of Rs. 20,00,000
  2. If you have the Six Sigma Black Belt certification, you might be able to earn Rs. 11,93,000
  3. If you have the PRINCE2 certification then you can earn Rs. 10,00,000.

Project Manager Salary In India: Industry Based

Project Managers are required in various industries, but not all industries pay the same. So when you are making a career choice, you need to know where you can earn the most Project Manager salary in India:

  • In the Finance/Insurance sector, you will be able to earn $114,000 to $144,000
  • In the Healthcare sector, you will be able to earn $80,000 to $86,000
  • In the Tech/IT sector you will be able to earn anywhere from $65,000 to $165,000
  • In the Travel services, you can expect to take home money within the $83,000 to $90,000 range
  • In the Engineering sector, a Project Manager can earn between $79,000 to $143,000
  • Project Managers in the Staffing/Consulting will be able to earn $111,000 to $121,000

If you are looking for a high-paying job, then you should consider being a Project Manager. However know that there are differences based on sector, certifications, and the company you are working in. Also, there’s an obvious difference in salaries based on the experience level as well. So a senior Project Manager’s salary in India is going to be way higher compared to one who has mid-level experience only. But no matter these differences, a Project Manager position will net you a high salary.


1. How much Project Manager salary in Microsoft India?

Microsoft India pays its Project Managers around Rs. 15,89,000 per year.

2. How much Infosys senior Project Manager salary?

In Infosys, a senior Project Manager can expect to earn about Rs.19,49,000 per annum.

3. What is the average salary of a PMP-certified Project Manager in India?

If you have the PMP certification, then you can expect to earn about 17 lakhs per year as a Project Manager in India.

4. What is the salary of an IT Project Manager?

As an IT Project Manager, you can earn about Rs.15,25,000 per year.

5. Technical Project Manager salary in India

In India, you can expect to earn about Rs.15,88,000 as a technical Project Manager.

6. Junior Project Manager salary in India

Junior Project Managers don’t get a sizeable salary, but it is pretty decent at about Rs.2,00,000 per annum.

7. Construction Project Manager salary in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the best countries to work in as a Construction Project Manager. In there you will be able to earn about AED 233,306 or Rs. 46,60,900.

8. Which country is best for project management?

If you are looking to make a career in project management, you should keep an eye on Germany, the US, Switzerland, Australia, and the Netherlands. These are the top 5 countries where it’s lucrative to be in project management.

9. What is the highest paying project management job?

Engineering, Aerospace, and Pharmaceutical are the three areas where you will be able to earn an enviable salary as a Project Manager. But in terms of position, you will be able to earn the highest salary when you are a senior project management professional.

10. What jobs can you get as a Project Manager?

As a Project Manager, you will perform various jobs in a company. This can range from being a project scheduler, project coordinator, senior project manager, and more. As for jobs, you can work on health insurance, construction, architecture, etc. based on the industry selected.

11. What is the career path of a Project Manager?

A person aspiring to be a Project Manager will probably be starting his or her career at a consulting firm. Such firms will help the person grow in terms of their management methodology. After this, the individual works under a Project Manager before working up into such a position himself or herself.

But being a Project Manager isn’t the end in itself. The individual can move up the ladder and become a COO (Chief Operating Officer) if he or she wants.

12. What qualifications do I need to be an IT Project Manager?

To become an IT Project Manager, first of all, you will need the experience of working on a variety of IT-related projects. But along with experience, you will need official certifications like PRINCE2 as well.

13. How long is a project management course?

A certificate course in Project Management will last for about 6 months. During this duration, you will be learning about the execution and planning of projects. Such courses also teach candidates about how to complete a project within the client-set budget.

But if you want more in-depth knowledge, then a Post-Graduate Diploma or an MBA in Project Management will help you get that.

14. Who is the boss of a Project Manager?

A Project Manager works under the Chief Project Officer, Project Portfolio Office Executive, and Program Management Office (PMO) Executive. Apart from this, the Project Manager is answerable to the project stakeholders and the CEO of the company.

15. Can Project Managers become CEO?

Yes, Project Managers can indeed become CEOs. After all, they already possess the necessary leadership, time management, resource management, and other related qualities needed to turn a project into a success.

However, it’s important to note that leading a company is different from leading a project. A CEO has to manage various areas of a company to deliver stellar results while keeping the costs low.

So a Project Manager might not necessarily be qualified for such a position. Instead, to be a CEO it’s advised that the Project Manager climb higher while gathering more certifications and experience under the belt.

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