The Complete Guide HR Manager Roles And Responsibilities In Company

HR Manager Roles And Responsibilities


Every respectable company has an HR department and also has an HR manager. But not many know what exactly the Human Resource department or its manager does. After all, most employees probably don’t see the HR manager attending to the various daily activities, and jobs of the organization.  But this doesn’t mean that the HR manager’s roles and responsibilities aren’t there.

In fact, it is the HR department and its manager who deals with the most uncomfortable aspects of the company.

What Does The HR Department Do In An Organization?

The HR department’s work revolves around its designation- they manage the human resources of a company. After all, the employees of a company are not machines. So they will have issues, grievances, and more that needs to get addressed. Not to mention that since employees of a company are paid, so HR has to deal with salary-related issues too. But this isn’t an exhaustive list of their functions.

Overall, they are involved in managing the entire employee lifecycle of an organization. Note that from recruitment to firing/layoffs and everything else in between, it is the HR department that deals with it all.

Now the HR manager oversees the entire operation of the department. Also, the HR manager serves as the point of connection between the HR department and the upper-management. But that’s a vague description of what the HR manager does. So let us know about HR manager roles and responsibilities in further detail.

What Does The HR Manager Do?

If you ask the normal employees of a company about the roles and responsibilities of the HR department, then you will get something like this as the answer- So does the HR manager…only manage the HR department? That doesn’t sound like it’s a tough job right?

But the job of an HR manager isn’t that easy. So let us tell you about the HR manager roles and responsibilities in company in greater detail:

1. Oversees Candidate Recruitment

The first and foremost HR manager roles includes having to oversee all the recruitment processes of a company. Managers have to coordinate the selection of applications and choose the one who is right for the post and the company. So it is one of the HR manager’s roles and responsibilities to create a shortlist of the right candidates.

Also from that pool, the manager will have to choose the handful of people who are right for the job through written processes and HR interview questions. However, it isn’t easy to get the right candidate and the job isn’t as simple as putting an ad and then hiring the best out of the pool of applications that have been received. Recruitment takes skill and patience to get right.

This is because the right candidate can improve the productivity of an organization. But the wrong one can up-end the entire operations of the company. So it’s the HR manager roles and responsibilities in company to ensure that right candidates join the company.

2. HR Manager Roles And Responsibilities Include Overseeing Employee Inductions And Lay-Offs

Once candidates have been hired, it is the HR manager role and responsibilities to carry out their induction event. But before the employees step into the office, the HR manager’s are to give them employment contracts and other related-paperwork that has to be done.

On the other end, if an employee is leaving or laid-off then the HR manager roles and responsibilities include having to carry out the paperwork related to the termination process.

3. Overseeing Recording Of Employee Absence And Leaves

The manager also has to oversee employee absence, leaves, and time-offs. Apart from recording this information in the system, the HR manager roles and responsibilities also includes coordinating with the payroll department so that employee payments are given out in accordance to their attendance.

However, payroll isn’t the only department that is affected by the information of a new employee joining or an employee leaving. This information affects every other department, ranging from the accounting to the senior level management as well. So if HR manager roles and responsibilities aren’t fulfilled adequately, then the operation of the entire organization will get derailed.

4. HR Manager Roles And Responsibilities  Involves Carrying Out Disciplinary Actions

One of the HR manager roles and responsibilities is to maintain stable employer-employee relationships. But this is a difficult task and perhaps maintaining this step is what gives HR a bad reputation in the market. After all, if the correct balance isn’t stuck then the company can lose a high-performing employee or face legal issues. But if the are done perfectly then this disciplinary action can lead to success.

5. Create Programs

HR manager roles and responsibilities also include developing and implementing employee training programs with the aim that it will help them understand their job better. Also, the aim is to ensure that employees create a safe and pleasant company environment while simultaneously improving the productivity of the organization.

For example: the HR manager roles and responsibilities in hospital involve creating training programs for the clinical staff so that they can stay updated about the newest developments in the field.

Is The Role Of A HR Manager The Same Everywhere?

The above 5 points show the general HR manager roles and responsibilities. But they aren’t limited to just this. Depending on the company you are in, you will find that it will keep on changing.

For example the HR manager roles and responsibilities in hospital will be different from HR manager roles and responsibilities in company.

After all, HR manager roles and responsibilities in hospital includes having to alert the clinical staff to renew their licenses, arrange frequent educational workshops, deal with department budget/personnel requests, etc. So, the HR manager roles and responsibilities in hospital are more diverse and different than say, a company.

However, whether we are talking about the HR manager roles and responsibilities in hospital or a company, both of the HR manager roles and responsibilities include having to maintain healthy employee-organization relationship. It’s just that the way this has to be done differs from one place to the other.  


1. What are the functions of HR?

HR functions are diverse but it generally involves maintaining healthy employer-employee relationships.

2. How can I be a good HR manager?

You need to have a positive attitude towards employees and be flexible while offering advice.

3. What are the burning issues that an HR manager faces?

An HR Manager has to ensure that employees can embrace organizational changes smoothly. Also, they have to also ensure that employees can grow while at the company.

4. What is trending in HR now?

HR departments are currently dealing with the transition from physical to remote working. Along with this, the focus is to ensure smoother remote employee onboarding.

5. Which is the best company for HR?

Helios HR, Mosteller & Associates, and Insperity are some of the top companies for HR.

6. What is the salary of an HR fresher?

An HR fresher can expect to earn anywhere from Rs 1,20,000 to Rs 7,00,000. The package can be more as well but it all depends on the company.

7. Why is English communication skills important?

Today all notable company’s carry out all their work in English since it is a globally used language. So to succeed on a global scale it’s important to know English.

8. How to find HR Jobs?

You can find such jobs in various job portals like Naukri, Linked In, Monster, and more. Another way to know about such jobs is to simply search the phrase ‘HR jobs’ on Google to get various answers.

9. What are the functions of HRMS?

HRMS or Human Resource Management System is used for planning, directing, controlling, as well as directing the workforce and company activities.

10. What is the qualification for an HR post?

The minimum qualification is a graduation degree in any field followed by getting a post-graduate diploma in Human Resource Management. But if you are sure that you want to go into this field then doing an MBA in HR after graduation will be beneficial to you.

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