10 Most Common HR Interviews Questions for Freshers

10 Most Common HR Interviews Questions for Freshers

So you have cracked the first selection stage and are now at the interview stage or the HR round. Now, it’s time to prepare yourself for the questions that will get asked in that HR room. But not many know how to handle the pressure of the interview room coupled with the unknown barge of questions that you will have to face. So to make things easier for you, we are here with a list of HR interview questions for freshers.

Common Questions Asked During HR Interviews

Anyone applying for jobs only has one question in mind- What are the common HR interview questions? Or what HR round questions do you need to prepare for? So let us start discussing the questions that you most probably will be facing in the final round of interviews:

1. Tell Us About Yourself

If you are asking, what are the basic questions asked in an HR interview? Then take note that this will be one of the very first HR interview questions that you will have to answer. Most people fumble at this stage because they think that this is an invitation to talk about their resume and college scores in detail.

But that’s one of the biggest errors that you will make.

What you should do is talk about your strengths. But it should be according to the job you are applying for. Keep in mind that you should always try to paint a picture of yourself as the ideal candidate that your interviewer wants.

2. Tell Us A Bit About Your Strengths And Weaknesses

It’s highly likely that after asking you about yourself, the interviewer is going to move on to this HR interview questions for freshers.  After all, this HR interview is what they want the answer to. Now, you already know what your strengths are, but it can be tricky talking about your weaknesses.

So our advice is to stay true and authentic to yourself. As such, you should pick a weakness and then talk about how you overcame it or are overcoming it. Always remember that your weakness should be relevant to the job position you are applying for.

If you feel like talking about a real weakness will be too risky in the interview room, then you can frame your weakness as strength as well. However, know that you should never say that you don’t have any weaknesses.

As for your strengths, don’t brag about them and always only list the ones that are relevant to the position you are applying for.  

3. Where Are You Planning To Be After 5 Years?

Out of all the HR interview questions and answers, this is one of the most daunting. After all, not many people know what they will be doing in 5 years. But the interviewer doesn’t want you to list out any concrete plans. Instead what he or she wants to do is judge your stability.

So talk about where you envision yourself in this position or company after 5 years. Also don’t forget to talk about your achievements and what you are planning to learn. At the end always tie all of it back to how you will be useful for the company in the long run.

4. Why Should Our Company Hire You?

If you are asking yourself- How do I prepare for an HR interview? Then start by preparing this HR interview questions for freshers. After all, no matter which company you go to, this is the one HR interview questions and answers for freshers that you will always have to be ready with. Know that the correct answer to this question lies in the job profile you are applying for.

So read up on the company and the job profile thoroughly before going in for the interview. Also always focus on your achievements, and positive personality traits while answering these questions. But most importantly, make sure that your answer is relevant to the job position.

5. Can You Work Late Or During Weekends?

You certainly won’t find this HR interview questions for freshers in the commonly found what questions are asked in an HR interview? lists. But depending on the company and the job profile you can be asked this question. So, if you are fine with working overtime or on weekends then a simple yes will do the job.

But if you are not comfortable with it, then tell that without hesitation as well. You might be desperate for the job, but lying for it when you might have other pressing matters will simply invite problems in the long run. However, don’t leave this HR interview questions and answers for freshers at a simple No.

Instead, always elaborate and state your valid reasons for not being able to go for overtimes. After this, finish your answer by talking about how much you would like to work here and the other ways you can contribute to the growth of the company.

6. How Much Salary Do You Want?

This question definitely falls in the- What are the basic HR interview questions for freshers? No matter the company, you should be prepared for this HR interview. So when you get asked about how much salary you want to draw- don’t get shy or over-confident.

Instead, carry out your research before reaching the interview location. Make sure to browse sites like GlassDoor which will tell you the approximate salary for that position in that company and also in your area. This is the only way you will be able to ace such kind of HR interview questions and answers for freshers.

7. Did you ever clash with Your Professor/Teacher?

Most HR interview questions for freshers won’t have this question on the list. But this is often asked by interviewers as a way to learn about your conflict management abilities. Know that the only way to answer is truthfully. So if you were ever involved in a verbal conflict with your professor mention and elaborate on it.  

However, keep in mind that anything related to this HR interview questions must be related to the job position you are applying for. Also always highlight your strengths and the fact that you were calm and were able to resolve the conflict peacefully within a short time-period.

8. Tell Us What You Know About This Company?

This is one of the most common HR interview questions. It is asked because your interviewer wants to test your knowledge and interest levels about the company you are applying to.

Know that the best way to tackle this HR interview is by carrying out previous research on the company. So make sure to read up on the company and what their core business is. After that, read up on your job profile and search for the latest updates of the company in that sector.

9. What Would You Consider To Be The Biggest Achievement In Your Life Till Now?

In this HR interview questions for freshers, the interviewer wants to learn about you, but beyond whatever is given in the resume. So don’t repeat anything that’s already included in the resume.

Instead talk about any notable sports trophies, any event you coordinated successfully, or mention other kind of unique victories. If you have multiple victories or achievements, mention the top 3-4 of the best. This is the only way you will be able to crack this HR interview first round.

10. How Do You Approach Change?

In a company, change is the one thing that’s truly constant. So you must be prepared to adapt to those changes. This HR interview questions for freshers asked to judge exactly that.

When you are replying to this question, make sure to highlight your positive behavioral qualities. For example: mention that you are positive, patient, and always practical. So no matter what life throws up, say that you are ready to face it.

Now you don’t have to lose sleep asking yourself what are the questions asked in HR Round for freshers? Prepare these questions, but remember that these are not the only questions that you will get asked. As a result it’s important that you think on your feet and turn any negative question into a positive one for you. This is the only way you will be able to crack the HR round and get the job.

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